David Edward Sears

Graveside service for David E. Sears, 51, of Lawrence, KS. will be 10 am. Monday, April 22, at Oak Hill Cemetery. He died Thursday at his home.

He was born Dec. 21, 1961 in Omaha, NE. the son of Don Edward and Carol Ann Moore Sears.

David was a computer and software engineer.

He is survived by a son Kyle Aaron Sears & daughter Emily Raquel Sears.

Messages & Condolences

From Tammy Feinberg...

Dave, if I could say some of the things that I wish I could have said to you before it was too late, I would have said
Thank you for buying size small for me in all sincerity; you always managed to make me feel beautiful.

You were a great teacher. Thank you for helping me understand how to solve college algebra problems and insisting all the time that it was really me learning it by myself. I appreciate your showing me how to sort jigsaw puzzle pieces by innie innies and outie outies, and by various shades of green and blue. I understand now that blue and blue green and blue gray and light bluish white are actually really different colors deserving piles of their own when one is building a two-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle . One day I worked all day on your puzzle and was pleased to have solved a bit here and there, but when you came home from work you didn’t notice any progress, then proceeded to drop fifteen or twenty pieces into place in as many seconds! Genius.
I also admire the way you could turn nothing into something-small squares of scrap recycled paper into three dimensional works of origami-dinosaurs, birds, boxes, wild geometric objects with a jillion sides-and in all their perfection show me why each one was not quite good enough(!) because,for example,of a microscopic unevenness in a single point. You were an artist, highest and humblest.
You were:
-the fastest dishwasher in the galaxy
-the best at holding your tongue
-the only person ever to be seen going down a giant hill sized slide while standing upright
-the authority on monster movies, westerns, sci-fi and the defunct tv series Dinosaurs.
-Trivial Pursuit Champion, Resident Evil aficionado and Angry Birds charter member
-Hacky sack fiend and darned good Frisbee player
-Junior ROTC second place State of Nebraska Sharp Shooter champion, but gave it up cause you would never want to hurt anybody
-author of the tech support manual for the B-1 bomber
-most frugal
-impeccable keeper of records
-fearless student of music and composer of music
-able to back up and turn successfully on the first try while hauling a trailer
-famous for getting your money’s worth from a pair of shoes
-avid reader and journal-writer
-All-American: apple pie and NO to cash-for-clunkers

If you were here to listen, I would thank you for Emily, who has your self-control, common sense and creativity, and for Kyle Aaron, who has your soft heart, gift for socializing and an appreciation for the important things in life. I would say thank you for taking a chance with me, even though we didn’t grow as old together as we had planned.

I hope you are in heaven now, playing guitar and video games alternately, with burgers on the grill and a cold one in hand. You were a great father and a fine husband and exemplary ex-husband. I will love you eternally.


From Sandra Tobin...

Emily and Kyle, I was honestly shocked to read that Dave had died. He was so young! I thought he would always be around. Just so you know, I very much enjoyed talking to your dad. I appreciated his pragmatism, his steadiness, and his loyalty and commitment to you guys. I can see him in both of you — a rock-solid sense of what is important and what is not. I wish he could have been with us longer, but he does live on in our memories, forever. Sending you lots of love.

Sandy Tobin (née Grossmann)

From Valerie Hyman...

Dave could not have been prouder of you, Emily and Kyle. You brightened his life and gave him great satisfaction. May his memory always be for a blessing. I’m happy I knew him.

Love always,


From Mike Thornhill...

Kyle & Emily,

I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. We worked together for a number of years at Maryville. Your Dad was a talented engineer and he enjoyed a good card game. He always spoke very fondly of each of you and was very proud to be your Dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

From Margo DeLano...

Dear Emily and Aaron, in Israel when someone passes we say ” we take part in your sorrow” hoping to make it less for you, I hope this is the case that knowing how much your Dad was and is still being loved and cherished it will uplift the feelings of loss. Whatever you need, just call, we are always here for you. We love you and we want to share in all things and make your burden light. I love you so much. My condolences to Dave’s family , and to all, as said in Israel as a leasing and a deeply heartfelt wish of love ” may you know sorrow nevermore”.
Aunt Margo

From Fran Hyman...

Dear Emily and Aaron.
I was shocked and saddened to hear of your Dad’s death. My heart goes out to both of you. It’s so unfortunate that we don’t have the opportunity to be together… but it doesn’t mean you are not remembered.. you are.

Your Dad’s memory will be a force for good in your lives, I know.
Aunt Frances

From Joni...

My sincerest sympathy goes out to the friends and family David. It is such a difficult thing to deal with. As time goes by, you will begin to realize that as you think of his smiles, his love of his family, his laughter, the pain will have diminished a bit and you’ll find yourself smiling again. I didn’t know him personally but, having lost someone dear to me, I can empathize with the pain you have and are experiencing. What comfort such scriptures as John 5:28,29 brought me! You will read there about the promise Jesus gave of resurrecting our loved ones back to life. When he resurrected His friend Lazarus back to life ( John 11:38-44 ) He showed his ability and desire to fulfill that promise. Can you just imagine the joy Lazarus’ sisters felt when they held him in their arms once again? This joy we too will feel in the very near future. Until that day comes, we have the promise that God will draw close to those whose hearts have been broken ( Psalms 34:18 ) I truly hope these few scriptures have helped lessen the pain you feel as they had mine.

From Yolande DeLano-Tordjman...

Emily, Aaron, extended Sears family, I was so saddened when learned of the tragic news. I wish I were there to give you such a gigantic hug. I know it (the longings) will come in little flashes, out of the blue, when you least expect, triggered sometimes by the simplest thing… just know that will be your Dad – reminding you that he’s always around.
Each one of us will forever cherish in our heart at least one special moment shared with Dave. For me, it was when I could finally say I have a brother, and I was so thrilled about who it was…such a wonderful guy… May he find everlasting peace…he will be missed.
Love you two,whenever you need, call.

From Liliana Bernal...

Emily & Kyle, Your Dad love you sooo much! He would always be so very proud of you! May the Lord comfort your hearts!

With Love,

From Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel...

“ Hashem Natan, V’Hashem Lakach” G-d gives and G-d takes, today we mourn the taking of what G-d has given. We mourn for another person, for the life of another human being, for a soul. We are taught that the essence of man is not his physical presence, rather it is his soul. The soul of man lives on and is eternally bonded and connected with his loved ones down here in this physical world.

As we bid farewell to David as his soul passes on to greater heights, it is most befitting to focus for a moment on the legacy of his life and the gifts which he shared with us during his lifetime.

Those who had the merit of knowing David throughout his life have always been inspired by his incredible work ethic. David was a hard worker. Starting off in his young days as a teenager and then even as a full time student in college, he put in 40 hours a week as a busboy, just to be able to make it through school. He has shown his dear children what it means to work hard, and if it needed to get done, it needed to get done. He worked hard to be able to provide for his family, and always ensured that their needs are being met.

David was a very intelligent man, he loved to engage in art, music and engineering. He enjoyed playing with his guitar, whether it was classical or electric. He loved to use his hands and engineering skill to build models or to fold origami.

But most of all, the best way to summarize David’s life is to say that David was a kind, generous and gentle soul. He was the kind of person who always had the best to say about people. There was no negative vibe, just a warm, positive and kind spirit about him. A beautiful person, a person with sensitivity, a person with a genuine kind and caring approach to all people.

Without a doubt, the crown and joy of David’s many accomplishments during his lifetime is his beautiful children who he loves so much, his Emily and his Kyle.

A wise person once stated: Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad. The epitome of David’s life was being the dad for his dear children. His devotion knew no ends. From the early days of their childhood, coaching Kyle’s Little League Soccer team, to being there for them all the way through college and beyond. David truly exemplified what it means to be there for your child. To show them how much he believed in them, and to show them each and every day how much he cared for their well being.

I have had the privilege to meet David a few times over the course of the past few years. When I think about my encounters with David, I realize that it was always in the context of him being there for his children. Whether he came by to pick something up on their behalf, or his calling me to see if they left Chabad already. I vividly recall a rainy night when I found him standing in the driveway of our Chabad center, patiently waiting for Emily to be ready for him to take her home. When I asked him if I should let Emily know that he is here, his response was so simple yet so full of genuine care and sensitivity: Don’t rush her, let her enjoy and take her time. When she will be ready, I’ll be here waiting for her.

Emily and Kyle (as your dad would call you), I have no doubt that your dad will continue to be waiting for you, to be with you throughout every moment of your lives. Just as he was always there for you in the past, with true care and devotion, he will not let go in the future as well. There is no doubt that the soul of your dear father will always remain to be there with you, as he gazes upon you from heaven. As you mourn his loss in the late hours of the night, he is right there along with you. As you search for the strength to continue, he is right there along with you. As you struggle to pick up the pieces, he is right there along with you.

We know that those who carry on his legacy are keeping David alive……We will ensure to keep on working hard and do what we can to make him proud.

May g-d give strength to all those whom he loved so much, to the whole extended family, the friends and community that will miss him dearly, and May his memory be a continuous inspiration to us all.

From P’nina...

Dear Emily,

All my love and prayers go to you and your family from San Diego. It must have been a terrific man to have brought such a terrific Emily to this world; may he rest in peace.


From Jayne Martin...

Emily and Kyle,
I worked with your dad for many years at Maryville. He spoke of you often and cherished you both. May you find peace and comfort in the memories you made together.
With my sympathies,
Jayne Martin

From Darryl Spangler...

Kyle and Emily,

You may not remember me, but i knew you both when you were very young. Your father and i worked together for a long time and were good friends. He loved you both very much and i am sure you will miss him. I am so sorry for your loss.
I have fond memories of your father and the time we spent together, and will always remember your father as the good man that he was. He will be missed by all of us that knew him and worked with him.
— Darryl Spangler (Wichita)

From Dana Manda...

Kyle and Emily,
I worked with your dad at Boeing and at Maryville. We had many conversations and what I will always remember was his love for the both of you and his desire to be a good Dad. I am so sorry for your loss.
Dana Manda (Wichita, KS)

From hannah polon...

Emily I send you all my love and support from far even thought I can’t physically be with you now during this difficult time.

From Emily Sears...

Dad, I will always love and miss you. You were a devoted father and a selfless person. I wish you peace and joy in Heaven and I will only remember the good times we shared. You were a loving father from day 1 and I will try to always honor you in all that I do.

From Ann Sears Selvig...

Beloved brother, uncle and most of all my friend ~ you are already greatly missed by your big sister and my family in Colorado and Washington as well as those friends of ours who grew up with us in Omaha, both on Laurel Ave and on 126th St. There will forever be a hole in our lives and in our hearts because you are gone, but we will meet again. Emily and Kyle are both wonderful and amazing young people and will carry on your legacy with pride. Rest in peace little brother.
Ann and Steve Selvig(Colorado Springs, CO), Cory, Becky and Courtney Archer(Seattle, WA), Marissa Archer(Loveland, CO), Elizabeth Cogan (Seattle, WA).

From Rachel Stern...

I am so sorry for your loss, Emily.
May his neshama have an aliyah and may your fmaily be conforted.
Rachel and Ricky Stern

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