Delbert Donald Wayne Holding

A memorial service will be 4 pm, Saturday, January 24, 2015, in remembrance of the Life of Delbert Donald Wayne Holding, at Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home.

He passed away on Saturday, January 17, 2015, in Burlington, KS.

Delbert was born in Parsons, KS on December 27, 1988, to Robert Glenn Holding and Kandy Jean Brown (Lipp). Though the gift of him was given to them, Delbert was born to many more than just his parents that day.

Mr. Holding grew to be a fine young man, touching and changing many lives forever. Even to this sad day Delbert has managed to help and change people’s lives. He was a family man and was one of the best friends you could ask for, nothing meant more to him than his family.

Delbert was extraordinary father and gave all he had to his baby girl, Maya Jean Holding, to anybody that knew him, that’s not a surprise. Delbert had years of practice being a wonderful uncle, having over a dozen nieces and nephews, having that rare ability to let his inner child shine. This is what set Delbert apart from many men.

Mr. Holding was a family man. He loved his brothers with a passion that can’t be denied, but Delbert’s love extended well beyond just his brothers. He had many siblings, all of whom he loved and wanted to be close to.

He was a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, grandson, and most of all friend. He loved all with as much heart and joy that often came to define him.

Delbert is survived by his mother and father, daughter Maya Jean Holding; two grandmothers Virginia Thomas (Groninger), Jane Pease; brothers David and Tayna Pennewell and children, Ali and Aubrey, Benjamin and Jolynn Pennewell and children, Mckenzie, Taiya, Landen, Emma, Destiny, Jonathan and Debilene Brown and children, Thiana, Amelia, Alila, Kalia, Naria, Darrell Lipp and children, Windy, Ellie, Brother R.J. Holding , Sammy Holding, Briar Holding, Layton Holding, Sister Ashleah Holding and family. Aunts Lori Mizell and her children Cody Alicia, Dawna Holding and daughter Courtney. Uncles Donald Cannon, Troy Torneden and children, Caleb and Carlee, Floyd Gardere and children Melissa Childers, Jennifer Butler, Mindy, Virgil Holding Jr. and children Chris, Contessa, and Brandon.

He is preceded in death by his grandfather Virgil Holding Sr., uncle Delbert Holding, aunts Gina Gardere and Christine Torneden, cousin Chasity Mizell and beloved friend Gage Hauk.

Delbert’s family is much more than that, he had immense love for his friends, and gave his whole heart to everyone. Delbert was the one that made you smile. If you needed him, he was that shoulder. To many, Delbert was that once in a lifetime friend.

Though fun having at heart, Delbert was known to enjoy his solitude as much as his family. He loved to just sit and Read. He also loved to fish. Sometimes he liked to read and fish. Delbert enjoyed music, his favorites being from the 80’s, but by far didn’t limit himself to one genre. Delbert had that rare talent to catch every word of every song every line of every movie. He would often quote movies, songs, and books. He’d often catch that right quote, at just the right moment. That was just Delbert, Making everyone smile.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Delbert Donald Wayne Holding memorial fund, sent in care of the funeral home.

Messages & Condolences

From Dawna Holding...

Delbert your one young man that I have always loved no matter what has happened threw the yrs. You have always been in my heart and mind. Never forgotten. You were onery when you were little but from what I understand you grew to be a good kid and a wonderful dad. I love you and you will be missed by many. God has blessed us with a lifetime full of memories. Your in God hands now and he will guide you to all good things. I love you and always will.

Aunt Dawna

From Ruth LLee...

So so sorry about your tragic loss, To Kandi, I understand how your feeling right now and my heart goes out to you and the rest of the family, may your young man rest in peace.

From Chasity...

Man I’m not even sure were to start. Let me just say this you touched everyone you ever meet. You always knew how to help your friends and family through there rough times. I know your gone but your not I know you can hear me when I talk. Delbee can you help me through this rough time some how? I just wish I could text you and break down and then laugh for hours.. You sure are missed and loved bro.. I’m glad your happy and health.. Just miss seeing that face and having a good laugh..

From jennie & brandon oshel...

I have known Delbert for many yrs, as long as my sister Tanya has been with David, I didn’t hangout alot but just the few times we did like u said he made everyone laugh or he’d play with the kids. He was such a huge hearted man, my daughter cassie loved Delbert, she thought he was the coolest, he will be greatly missed but he will forever be in our hearts and never forgotten, I can’t even imagine what all the family is going through but you are in our prayers and we are so sorry for your loss.

From Oleg...

My prayers go out to the family and you Delbert Holding are a one in a million friend, you always sure did know how to make some one laugh when they were having one of the roughest days in there life. Im just sitting here and reminiscing right know.

From Jolynne...

I love you Delbert. You helped me through the one of the hardest things ive ever had to endure. You will always make me smile when i sit and think of you even if its through tears. I cant believe you arent here any more. I will always miss you. Thank you for being who you were and I am blessed for having you in my life.

From Kasey...

So sad to lose someone so young.My deepest sympathy and empathy goes out to your family.

From Rachell...

Words can not describe how much my heart hurts for your family right now. So many mmemories have been running threw my head since I got the news that god took you home to be with him. Your the most happiest person I know, always smiling always teasing someone just to put a smile on their face, always made everyone laugh, you are the most down to earth person I have ever meet if someone needed set straight you would tell them and help them threw whatever was going on, you was always there for anyone whenever someone needed you. You are one amazing man, father,son, brother,nephew,uncle, freind that anyone could ever have, and I know you’ll continue to be all of that and more just in a diffdifferent way now. I’ll always love you and miss you

From Rachel...

Delbert u were a bright light n this dark world we love u always

From Kenna...

You will be missed but never forgotten. you touch So meaning with your smile, your laughter and the way you care for others. Love and miss you.

From Morgan...

My heart will always be yours, Delbert. I love you babe.

From Kandy...

I love you always and forever

From heather...

I love you delbee!

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