Twila Ann Tryon

No Services are planned at this time for Twila Ann Tryon, 62, Topeka.

She died April 11, 2020, at Midland Care in Topeka.

Messages & Condolences

From renee gardner...

My sincere condolences on the passing of Twila. She was such a ray of sunshine to all of us at Sunflower Supports. I will miss her calling me “toots” as she called several people. I know she was welcomed into the “pearly gates” by her family members that she adored and spoke of often. May she rest in peace.

From Mary Stafford...

I really don’t know even how to process this, my heart is heavy. I am so sorry to hear about Twila’s passing. I will miss her dearly. Every morning when i would come in i would tell her good morning and she would ask me if i had talked with her sister yet? And i would respond no not yet. And then ask her have you talked with her? I will also remember her praying for those she loved. I will miss her smile and beautiful place. Exploring Life was truly blessed with Twila !! Love and Prays for the family.
Twila until we meet again may GOD hold you in the palm of his hand and lay a gentle kiss on your cheek from me. I love you !!!

From Kelly Johnson...

I’m sad to hear of Twila’s death. One thing is for certain…there were many loving arms waiting for her when she crossed to the other side. I remember how she’d always ask “How you doing?” as her way of greeting, and how she had a mind like a steel trap when it came to birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates! My condolences to all those mourning her.

From Linda hodson...

Dear Tom. Sorry to hear about your sister. All I remember is when we were kids and those were the good times. May she rest in peace in your heart be filled with love

From Danita Collins...

Audrey and Tom, I only met you once, but my sister, Kim, talked about you. Twila was so dear to Kim, and we are dreading telling her that her friend has passed away. May she rest in peace and her memory be eternal!

From JuLinda Jenkins...

I’m still trying to process Twila’s passing. It just doesn’t seem real. My heart just hurts. Forgive me for any misspellings or if this just seems jumbled. I’m at a loss for words on what to say.
Twila came to us at Sunflower at a time of great loss, especially at the house she moved to. She brought light back into the house at a time when we really needed it. I really don’t want to be sad right now, and I know that Twila wouldn’t want any of us to be sad. So I want to share some of my favorite funny stories with Twila.
She was very fond of a particular word beginning with S when she first moved in. I remember asking her if we could say bowel movement instead, and she eagerly agreed. After that, any time she slipped up and said the word, she would instantly correct herself and apologize. And if she heard anyone slip up and say it (even me) she would tell you “You’re not supposed to say that word, it’s bowel movement. Becky-Linda taught me so.” On a few occasions, she even mentioned it so some people in Walmart if she heard them say it.
Twila could never remember my name. She remembered it for a few days, and I took a few days off from work and she forgot it again. She would occasionally remember JuJu (my nickname), but for some reason, I was always Becky-Linda. I don’t know where the Becky part came from, but it stuck. I’ve been known as Becky-Linda ever since.
She told us she grew up on a farm and we used to joke that Twila was the rooster’s alarm clock. It seemed like Twila had an internal alarm clock that no matter what, she was up bright and early at 5am and would scream “GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!” to get us ready to start the day. It became such a routine that even on my days off, I would wake up in a rush knowing that I was going to hear “Good morning everybody!” at any moment.
Twila taught me that it’s okay to cry, but we shouldn’t cry for long. It’s okay to be angry, but never be angry for long. I don’t think Twila could stay mad at anyone or anything for longer than a few minutes, lol. She was always so free-spirited, and very could be very dramatic. She had such a wide variety of facial expressions and was very animated. And whenever you looked into her eyes, everything just felt okay. You could never be upset when you had Twila around. You just lived in the moment with her.
Like I mentioned earlier, Twila came to us in a time of need. I don’t know where I would be mentally/emotionally if it weren’t for her. I’ll never forget the first morning I worked with her, she asked me if I wanted to pray with her. At this point in my life, I was really struggling with faith, and I hadn’t prayed in a long time. And it was like Twila just knew because before I answered, she told me “It doesn’t matter who you pray to. Someone is always listening.” And I sat down at the table with her. Every morning we prayed. Sometimes multiple times. We’d pray for the people we recently lost, we’d pray for her parents, for Tom and Audrey, for whatever was going, and we’d pray for ourselves. And we’d finish every prayer with Twila’s signature good luck prayer (inside joke between her family and the people who worked with her).
I just want to thank her family for giving us the pleasure of knowing and loving her.
Twila, I’ll forever miss your voice and hearing “good morning” screamed at the top of your lungs. I’ll always miss you asking me a million questions about my family and my dogs. I’ll always miss you telling me how (it seemed like every day) was someone’s birthday, anniversary, or an important date. I’ll always miss you asking me to bring you a diet coke or a dr pepper. I’ll miss hearing “I love you, be safe” every time I would leave. I love you and I miss you so much. I’ll always cherish the memories we had. And I promise to keep praying every morning because I know you’ll be listening.

From Julie Young...

My heart is breaking as I’m trying to find the words the words to say to you all. Twila came to us in a time of all our needs. God truly sent us an angel. She put so much joy and love and laughter in all of our lifes. She truly blessed my life and JuLinda’s(aka) Twilas Becky Linda. LOL. There is not a life that Twila did not touch in some way or a smile she did not put on someone face. We are truly blessed and grateful to Twila’s family for letting her come into Sunflower Supports family and letting us take care of her and love her. She was such a joy to be around. I will miss hearing before I leave the house I Love you Julie so very much with all my heart care about you very much. Twila I love you with all my heart and care about you very much. Until I see you again my sweet friend. Prayers and thoughts for your family.

From Joyce Elliott...

Sorry to read about Twila’s passing. This is a rough time for all and this is harder on you all sense no gathers for funerals and a proper good bye can not be given. Stay strong and stay safe.

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