Whitney Marie Anderson

Whitney was an artist way ahead of her time. The day she left she painted the sky to let everyone know she finally made it to the place where she can be free. She saw the beauty even in the darkest of places. When it rains, please take a moment to embrace the warm feeling, that will be Whitney wrapping her wings around you letting you know she is happy and at peace.

Let the wind blow against your skin and try to think of her standing next to you, giving you the strength to continue. When you see her babies, please do not show them sadness but rather show them the love their mother undoubtedly showed you. 

Whitney had the strength so many of us dream about. She never once let the darkness fully in, even when it would have been the easiest option she always chose to fight! Her daughter Sy’raia made her a mother, which was the proudest title she had. With her she learned for the first time how large her heart really was. Sy’raia gave her back that hope in life she was searching for. You can still see Whitney’s smile if you look at Sy’raia long enough. She became the fierce momma Whit. Never allowing any harm to come to her child and never backing down. Then she decided it was time to grow her family by adding Franklin and Otis, her two baby boys, this is where she felt truly complete in life. They taught her patience, softness and grew her silly side even more. Later, she added sweet little Drailee. She would pass down the cutest hairstyles she learned from doing Sy’raias hair, she also passed down her famous smile. Draven and Zion were her last gifts to the world. Two precious babies that meant the world to her. Sadly, they had the shortest time with their amazing mother. They still received the same type of love she learned with her first born. Whitney was many things, mostly because she was good at everything. She was competitive in nature but would still teach others how to achieve greatness. She was soft when she needed to be, and she was a fighter when God told her she needed to be.

If Whitney were here, I think she would say ” please hold my babies tight for me and tell them I loved them more than anything in this world. If you see my momma, give her a hug for me because I know she needs one. If you talk to Aunt Amy and Grandma Ruby please tell them I love them and please do not cry so much I am finally home. Please remember me when I was my full authentic self! I was Whitney Marie Anderson, I may have stumbled but I never fell completely. Learn from me and always do it in style and with a smile. 

Survivors include, her mother Tracy Warner and stepfather Corey Warner, her grandma Ruby Rider and papa Mitchell Rider, her grandpa Charles Anderson and his wife Julie Anderson, her Aunt Amy Brooks and cousin Dalton Corwin. Her brother’s were Michael Evilsizor, Jacob Blackburn, Cody and Austin Floyd. Her children are Sy’Raia 15, Franklin 8, Otis Jr. 7, Drailee 5, Draven 3, and Zion 23 months. She was greeted in heaven by those who proceeded her in death. Her grandmother Kathy Anderson and her little brother Joshua Kline.

A visitation for Whitney Marie Anderson, 35, of Lawrence, will be on Monday, May 20th from 5:00-7:00PM at Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home. Services will be on Tuesday, May 21st at 5:00PM at Greenhouse Church, located at 1012 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044, followed by graveside services at Eudora City Cemetery, located at 2229 N. 1420 Road, Eudora, KS 66025.

Memorial contributions to help pay for services may be made to Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home: P.O Box 1260 Lawrence, KS 66044 or by calling 785-843-5111.

Messages & Condolences

From jessica howard...

I had Whitney come into my life in 1996-1997.as I gave her a baby brother on her birthday ..Joshua. she always brought me joy,and happiness .so happy..I had the opportunity to meet two of her children shortly after her brother died .wish I still had photos of Halloween,birthdays..I lost all my photos .think I have one of her skating on her new roller blades at ten years old ..in front of our home..Whitney ,I can’t believe your gone to soon ..I’ll always cherish my memories of you growing up,birthdays,every single one .and am greatful that i had you in my life baby girl..its hard to say goodbye to ,a child .there’s no greater loss for a mother..Whitney will always be alive inside our hearts,in our memories,whenever it rains,years from heaven .she’s watching .she’s always here.in a song she liked,the leaves blowing in the wind..ill always love you Whitney like my own daughters as one of my daughters..wish i couldve came to the services and seen you one last time.but ill always remember you as you were ,so beautiful,happy,bright and shinning ..im sorry for your loss tracy,and appolijize for raymond Kline,hes been distant since joshua died .but i know he loved whitney very much as a daughter..miss you whitney ..

From Your Support Sister Always....

I had the honor of meeting Whitney and the kids in Kansas.
I knew from the beginning how strong she was and how much all of her babies meant to her. She was edgy, with a soft side that I got to see occasionally. She had a sense of humor and was very artistic. We shared laughs, happy tears, pictures and celebratory moments. We shared not so happy moments, (2 Thessalonians 1:6-7) she would read, hugs and conversations.
Our texts.. I would say Marcoooo, she would say Poloooo and I would go to see her and the kids.
I will always be available to help if I can, with love.

From Dr. Kathy Bosch...

So very sorry for your loss of Whitney! May God bless and comfort you and your family and friends who are deeply grieving! Sending love and prayers, Kathy

From Maelyne Rider Schultz...

Ruby, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that you & your family are in my prayers. Love you.

From Danielle Taj...

“Hey Baby Mama, I found you a four leaf clover🍀” as she would show up unannounced 😭🤣 I could never find one and still have only found ONE ! only when I asked for her help lately.. as she is watching me from the clover fields of the sky! I promise Whit! I got her when she needs me.. thanks for the support as your baby mama🥰 I LOVE YOU ALWAYS WHITNEY! I wish we could have spent more time together ❤️❤️❤️ I know, we all know that your kids are,and have always been your joy and your light! I promise you bullethead me and Aqeel will always be there for any of them❤️thank you for being a mom to sha’lene and aqeeliah before I came around! They love you ❤️
I will never say Goodbye baby mama😭🍀 here’s to the next four leaf clover you give me🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

From Mitchell A. Rider...

I always had faith in you Whitney, and I always believed in you. I love you Whitney.

From Judy Gilliland...

Ruby I’m so sorry for your loss. I know your heart is hurting but know I’m praying for you and your family.

From Sheena...

Never forget to take a minute and respect the ones who didn’t get to wake up with their loved ones today!

God gave you the chance to wake up and start again, others weren’t granted that privilege!

My heart and prayers to the Anderson and Mater families and all of her innocent babies!

Whitney was my childhood friend and an amazing mom. Im talking from 10 years old, we were doing gymnastics and being little shits all over Harper Woods! We always kept Grandma Ruby on her toes! We always joked when we got yelled at: “Sheena Marie & Whitney Marie!!” ♥️

I’m proud to say that I knew her and I’m sad to say she won’t be here with her babies to raise them, guide them and show them the strong woman that their momma was!

RIP Whitney Marie Anderson!

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