Karen Lea Finkbiner

Karen Finkbiner passed away Sunday, January 10, 2021, at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

She was born May 28, 1968, in Springfield, Missouri, the daughter of James and Jean Mitchell. Karen was a graduate of Glendale High School in 1986 and earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Kansas in 1992. She later completed a pharmacy practice residency and a specialized residency in oncology pharmacy practice at the University of Cincinnati in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

As an oncology pharmacist, Karen worked at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida and at Via Christi in Wichita before beginning her long tenure at Lawrence Memorial Hospital which lasted from 2001 to 2020. She was the oncology pharmacy manager at Lawrence Memorial Hospital when she fell ill.

Karen was extremely dedicated to her job and the care of her patients. Outside of work, she was an avid reader, animal lover, and amateur beekeeper. She enjoyed watching sitcoms and dramas, eating good food, and spending time with her family.

Karen married Eric Finkbiner on July 28, 1990.

She is survived by her husband; her two sons, Ian and Spencer; her father; her sister Suzanne Broddle and her husband Alan; and two nephews, Ryan and Samuel.

A service may be held at a later date.

The family suggests memorials to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Oncology Center and the Lawrence Humane Society, sent in care of Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home, P.O. Box 1260, Lawrence, KS 66044.

Condolences may be sent at www.rumsey-yost.com

Below is a Eulogy written by Dr. Matthew Stein, one of Karen’s longtime coworkers and friends:

Karen Finkbiner very simply was an exceptional human being. For those of us who had the privilege to spend precious time with her she was someone who demonstrated all the virtues that we wished to possess and demonstrate in our lives. Beloved friend, extraordinary professional, incredible caregiver, and loving and devoted wife and Mother, Karen will be missed by all of us whose lives she affected and by many who do not know just how instrumental she was in making their lives longer and better.

For those of us who were her colleagues that privilege was working with Karen on a daily basis for nearly 20 years taking care of the patients of the LMH Oncology Center where she daily had a major impact on the lives of those who were undergoing treatment and upon those of us who administered those treatments. Karen in her quiet and competent manner enhanced and protected all of the lives of those receiving and giving complex treatments at our Center. Though at times behind the scenes, there was no detail too trivial and no safety measure too small that did not draw her fervent and complete attention. Without hesitation or discernible doubt Karen had a

major impact on the multiple success stories that have been given to her patients. As a complete professional she will always have our highest admiration, respect, and honor. As a friend and colleague, she will always have our highest affection, thanks, and remembrance for what she helped create and sustain.

As wife and Mother she leaves behind Eric and her two sons, Ian and Spencer. We pray that her family will always be blessed with her love and affection along with the memories of her strength, determination, and positive effect on the lives of all of us.