Violet Inga Toyne

A visitation for Violet Inga Toyne, 95, Topeka, will be 11 am Wednesday at Rumsey-Yost Funeral Home.

Mrs. Toyne died February 1, 2018, at Legacy on 10th Avenue in Topeka.

Messages & Condolences

From Donna Glover...

To my loving mother you will truly be missed by everyone here. Although I have many great memories …
this poem I will always remember you’d say
Called Who has seen the wind? By Christina Rossetti 1830-1894
Who has seen the wind ?
Neither I nor you but when the leaves hang trembling,
the wind is passing through.
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I
But when the trees now down their head , the wind is passing by.
From your loving daughter
Donna Toyne-Glover

From Jennifer Glover...

I love my Grandma Violet Toyne with all my heart and then some. She taught me many lessons in life and how to love the lord to the fullest. The lord is everywhere all around us she would say. She always showed me so much love and a lot of kisses all over. She loved blue grass, her harmonica, and the great organ music from church. She loved her lipstick and hats of every kind . if anyone was ever in need, even if she didn’t have much she give you anything she had. Without a second thought. She loved helping others, but she was the ONE who help all others . She had such a great smile and a loving charm to everyone she came in contact with.She will missed greatly . I know she is singing in heaven with the angels now and no more pain. I Love you so much Grandma Toyne !
I’m the daughter of Donna Glover

From Sally Nadvornik...

I knew Violet when she lived at Clinton Place in Lawrence. She was a friend of Lilian Mershon who when to church with my family. We would pick up Lillian and Violet for church for many, many weeks. She was always a happy person and had much to say. She was always interested in people. It seemed good that she moved to Topeka to be close to family, but we did miss her. May the Lord comfort the family.

From rosella Taylor...

i knew her when I was young, & she lived in Lawrence, My Mother & her were fiends, plus, 3rd cousins, & I believe she & my Mother [Helen Davenport, Weeks] worked together, our prayers go out to your family. Rosella Weeks, Taylor

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