Mildred M. Tryon

Graveside services for Mildred M. Tryon, 92, Lawrence, will be at 11 am Monday at Oak Hill Cemetery, with Mary Gremminger officiating. She will lie in state Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.

Mrs. Tryon passed away Sunday, August 15, 2021, at LMH Health.

Her husband Harry Lee Tryon preceded her in death in 2002.

Among other talents, Mildred was a caterer and created wonderful wedding cakes.

Messages & Condolences

From Valerie Curry...

I will tell the Snowman Story here. It’s always been my favorite. One evening during the Christmas season, Aunt Mildred & Uncle Harry were winding down for the night. She was in her nightgown and robe and had just finished putting rollers in her hair. They heard a noise from the front porch, and when she looked outside, she saw two young men running off with her plastic, lighted snowman. She hollered at Uncle Harry, and they took off in the car. After cruising around a few minutes, they finally spotted the miscreants walking down the street with Mr. Snowman. Aunt Mildred jumped out of the car in her robe and curlers, shouting “There they are Harry! They’ve got Mr. Snowman! Shoot them! Shoot them!” I don’t know if Uncle Harry actually had a gun with him, but the kids dropped that snowman and took off running. Mr. Snowman came back home and is still there to this day. Aunt Mildred was a wonderful, warm, sweet, funny and generous soul, but you didn’t mess with her family or her snowman!

From Ricardo De Leon...

I had the joy of having Mildred as my neighbor. I considered her family, I enjoyed helping her out whenever I could and I enjoyed visiting with her at her porch and her awesome apple sauce. I am very lucky our paths crossed, she was loved and we will miss her very much. My condolences to the family.

From Jeanie Whiteside Verner...

Mildred and Harry were our neighbors on Pennsylvania St. for 48 years. I was not there for all of those years, but my parents were there and the Tryons always took care of Mom and Dad. I never had to worry if things were going well. Mildred was so kind and so patient and so adoring. I will always be grateful for the love and care she and Harry showed to us from the day we moved into our home. Rest in peace, Mildred. Thanks for the memories.

From Cheryl Bowers b...

So many memories my dad and mom ran around in the old days sonny and edna Hodson. Long time ago but always puts a smile on my face

From Tracy Rose...

Aunt Millie, I was lucky enough to call you family although we never were blood related. I met you through my nanny, Grandma Souders. I loved being across the street from you for a short period of my life while growing up. I loved walking in to smell your cakes baking. Anyone that knew you, knew that you made the best cakes in the world. I will miss the days of sitting on the porch swing with you and having a lemonade or helping Harry mow. I am so thankful that you had such a full life of love and making others feel loved. I will miss you but what I have learned from you is priceless. Love, Tracy Rose

From Leo Souders...

Aunt Millie,
Let’s go back 55 years, when You, Pearl Smith and Grandma were making the most fantastic wedding cakes and icing that was to die for. Whether it was a sheet cake, or a seven-tier wedding cake nothing could compare to them. The best part was being able to enjoy the left over icing which needed to be scraped out of the bowl with a spatula and eaten. I to get one of your enveloping hugs! When you weren’t looking Uncle Harry on occasions would be sitting in the living room and slide me a drink of his FALSTAFF Beer!
Reunions a Grandma’s house were normally a ploy to re-roof the house, and/ or the garage!

You and Aunt Marilyn were my two favorite Aunts on the Tryon side of the family.

You are in my thoughts and prayers Auntie!

From Denise Berland...

Loved meeting Mildred over 30 years ago. She made the wedding cake of my dreams…and so delicious! (Then she made another one for our 5th anniversary.) She was a lovely and talented woman.

From Stephanie Snook...

Although we only met a few times, we knew Aunt Mildred’s devotion to her nieces was unsurpassed. She was always there for them, and we were grateful. She will be missed.

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