Daniel M. ‘Danny’ Mayeux

Daniel M. ‘Danny’ Mayeux, 55, died April 15, 2013, at his home in Lawrence. He was born Dec. 15, 1957, in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, the son of Donald and Sally Ann (Elizabeth) Mayeux, American citizens. Donald was a U.S. Army serviceman stationed in Germany, and, as a result of these circumstances, Henry A. Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State, signed a form in 1975 certifying Danny’s birth records.

Danny resided in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, when he joined the U.S. Army in 1978. Danny served as a private first class, metal worker. He was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He earned the distinction of ‘Marksman.’ He was honorably discharged in 1979.

Danny was hired at the University of Kansas, Facilities and Operations on March 19, 1990. He worked for a while with the Electrical Shop before transferring to the Construction Shop, then to the newly formed KU Construction group in 2012, where he remained until his death.

Danny’s job was to work on concrete and asphalt jobs, all types of labor work in construction, and he also performed snow removal for the University. He was often the face that people saw when patch work was done on streets and parking lots. He also did a lot of the crack filling on streets. He was a dependable, conscientious worker and took his job seriously, most often one of the first to show up for work. He worked well with almost everyone and then liked him. Danny took pride in the work truck assigned to him and he took care of it.

His interests beyond work revolved around getting together with friends at the local watering hole. He enjoyed all types of music.

He was affectionately nicknamed ‘EWE’ by many of his friends. The name came during a conversation about a news article on sheep that mentioned an ewe, which is a full grown female sheep, and he asked what an ‘eewee’ was, not knowing how to pronounce the word. His nickname stuck with him for all these years. Danny, or EWE, in turn developed names over the years for some of his coworkers and supervisors. Larry was called ‘Dad’, Mike was ‘Peanut’, Joe was ‘Uncle B@##$%’, Don M., now retired, was called ‘Grandpa’, and Kody had several names before ‘Dody’ stuck with him.

Danny was a very sociable guy who everyone liked. He seemed to always be in a good mood. His good nature helped lighten the work atmosphere. He entertained his fellow workers with his off-work escapades, some of them unbelievable and a lot non-repeatable. People will laugh at these stories, and he laughed with them, enjoying the fact that he had amused them.

Danny showed concern for others away from the University. He never failed to give blood diligently and over the years donated to one of the Children’s Hospitals multiple times.

Danny will be remembered for a long time with fond memories. He will be missed and the University and his friends are better because of him.

Danny was reportedly predeceased by his parents, Donald and Sally Ann (Elizabeth) Mayeux, his wife (name unknown), and his brother-in-law (name unknown). He is survived by a stepson, Quentin, his sister, Starlene Smith, his aunt, Louise Pennewell, and his friends Rick and LeAnn Farrier.

Danny expressed his intent not to have a funeral service, but instead a party for his friends. A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, April 27, beginning at 2 p.m. at Playerz, 19th & Haskell Ave. His remains will be cremated and inurnment will be a private ceremony at a date and location to be determined.