Ryan Nathan

Ryan Joseph Nathan was born on January 27, 1978 and grew up in Lawrence, KS, attending Lawrence High. He passed away from natural causes on May 23rd. He leaves behind his parents, Rich and Karla Nathan, his brother, Adam, two nieces, Leandra and Mayara. His extended family included Avahni, Makiah, and Katie Tree Pierson, Caitlin Hornbeck, and Thia Sleszynski.

No services will be held due to the current social distancing standards.

Ryan spent most of his working years as a cook, for a long time at Conroy’s Pub and most recently at Brandon Woods. He took his responsibilities for the welfare of the senior diners there very seriously in these days of Covid 19, and to keep them as well as his parents safe, he had given up his favorite thing in life, the loving hugs that everyone knew him for.

He was a kind, gentle man with a strong work ethic. He was such a hard worker that his family would refer to him as “The Machine” as he tackled jobs with a determination and tenacity. The same strength showed in his love of weight training and dedication to working out. There was rarely a day that his Fitbit showed less than 20,000 steps.

Ryan overcame a childhood of bullying for his learning disabilities, and many people never got a chance to know him because of the walls he put up from those experiences. Behind his quiet facade, was a witty sense of humor, and more thoughtfulness than you could expect to find in one person.

He preferred a low key lifestyle and had few requirements for happiness. Long walks with his mother and the dogs who adored him. Watching The Walking Dead series, a baking contest show, or a goofy comedy movie with his folks. Sitting on the patio and chatting about his day while his dad grilled steaks. Feeding all of the stray cats in the neighborhood. Playing a board game with his nieces. Hanging out with his brother, one on one. Lifting weights while listening to his extensive list of downloaded music. Googling things he was curious about. Making old friends laugh with his wit. He enjoyed washing and caring for his cars, the favorites over the years were an old Mustang, a Jaguar, and his latest, a Jeep. He was a lifelong fan of wrestling, and liked to watch past matches from years ago.

– Karla Nathan