Smith Ann Myers

Smith Ann Myers was born into the arms of the angels Thursday, August 16th at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. She is survived by her parents Brett and Kelsey Myers, Grandparents  Craig and Joan Starks and Craig and Ann Myers.

“There’s nothing in this world
that brings such happiness
as that of a dear sweet child,
to hold, to love and caress.

When one comes into our life
there is no greater joy.
It matters not the gender,
a baby girl or baby boy.

There’s nothing in this world
that brings such heartfelt sorrow,
as to have them in your life one day
and find them gone tomorrow.

At the loss of a little child
we must put our love and trust
in God, our Heavenly Father,
who gave the child to us.

Love for the gift He gave us,
and trust that in His time,
we will hold our child again
in our heavenly home divine.”

-Ron Tranmer